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...for trainees & training content

Time-consuming processes, missing information and a multitude of administration tools take up so much space
in everyday work that the teaching of learning content and the interpersonal communication with the trainees often have to be neglected.
snapONE gives you time through a consistent, digital transformation of all topics related to
education - on the Internet and on all mobile platforms.



...your training process

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Coordinate trainees, trainers and lecturers with one click on all topics that are necessary for a smooth training process. Digital support and coordination for everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the training.

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Go with the flow. snapONE as a platform for the digital transformation of trainings.
Always state of the art. Digitization as a supplementary support for the development process of the
trainee - exactly as generation "Z" is used to.

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Rethink education.
Optimization as the basis for innovation and quality of training. With snapONE you improve the placement and make
your company a pioneer of modern and dynamic training.



...designing all operational work

From administrator to strategic manager.
Do your operational work in simple steps and find
more time to create an unforgettable training experience
together with everyone who is involved and convey
content in a targeted and safe manner.

from anywhere at any time



...for ALL relevant roles

snapONE does all your administrative and recurring work on one platform.
Trainees, trainers and lecturers are given personalized areas in which all the information
is available. Plan, organize and coordinate reports, deployment plans, events and much more with just one click.
The system-independent way of working of snapONE ensures that all content,
can be called up at any time, at any place.



Organize, plan and manage the entire
training course for your
trainees digitally. Everything at a glance in
your portal.



Trainees manage their training completely digitally.
Whether on the web or mobile - accessible from anywhere and
at any time.



Information, documents, report books, integrated workflows, direct communication and much more
more - all available with one click.



Seminar planning, documents and more,
for internal and external lecturers.

...forYOUR individual needs

The modular structure enables simple integration of company-specific requirements. Explore new ways of teaching content and planning training. Make working hours more efficient, clearer and more tangible for everyone involved.

In addition to dynamic operation planning, an individually recordable report booklet and various designers for evaluation and feedback sheets with process-controlled approval procedures, various expansion modules ensure a company-specific range of functions. Project weeks and learning assignments can be organized in groups with simple clicks. Documents, videos or voice files can be stored in a structured manner at almost any point in the system.
The fully integrated and end-to-end encrypted messenger enables modern communication, with all communication remaining in the companys secure space. Notification options indicate freely configurable events. The exchange between all parties takes place in real time, in a more specific, subject-specific and location-independent manner in a GDPR-compliant environment. Training management, trainers, apprentices and lecturers remain among themselves
Digital reports can be viewed, performance levels and feedback can be called up. Event modules promote fun and sustainability. Project work, group events or notes can also be documented photographically and generated to form an entire “training gallery”. SnapONE turns training into an experience for everyone.
A combination of in-house content and the IHK training framework plans enables a dedicated content transfer. The possibility of individual adaptation of your learning content enables you to continuously optimize your training content. A document center enables paperless communication of information. The simple integration of e-learning content and self-made assessments make the training manager a strategic training manager and content broker
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Thats why snapONE

Pick up your trainees from where they are today - in the digital transformation.
snapONE is not a classic personnel management. We make the difference

3,99 €* per trainee/month

add. 149 € per month for service & support


  • Dynamic operation plan incl. vacation management
  • Digital report books & training plans incl. workflows
  • Document management
  • GDPR compliant messenger
  • App & Web access

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* add. modules bookable

5,99 €* per trainee/month

add. 149 € per month for service & support


  • Dynamic operation plan incl. vacation management
  • Digital report books & training plans incl. workflows
  • Document management
  • Digital formular designer
  • GDPR compliant messenger
  • Performance overview
  • Galleries
  • App & Web access
  • add. trainee modules
  • und much more...

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* add. modules bookable

3.999,00€ per year

Yearly license

  • incl. 50 trainees*
  • incl. all updates
  • incl. setup-services
  • incl. customization
  • und many more...

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* >50 Trainees on demand


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